Leadership - by Pastor Jeff Johns


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We are all leaders in some capacity. In this series, Pastor Jeff seeks to encourage and motivate the church to increase in our level of leadership — to raise up a standard of leadership that supersedes that of the world.

Jesus is our supreme example of leadership and one who raised up world-changing leaders. He was a man of tremendous energy — a valuable treasure that we must all learn how to expend and conserve. Energy is power in action: the power to accomplish something. Jesus was clear in his mission and avoided leaks and drains upon His time and energy. His leadership “style” teaches us much about how we are to lead and train others in this end-time army.

Growth in leadership is essential for the increase in harvest. The principles Pastor Jeff shares in this series are drawn from Jesus’ leadership in obedience to the voice of the Father. Let these teachings challenge your walk of obedience to the call to leadership.

Taught by Pastor Jeff Johns

4 CD set

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