Men's Gathering 2018: We Are Men

Men's Gathering 2018: We Are Men

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I was privileged to grow up surrounded by men. I learned a lot from them, sitting around the kitchen table sharing a meal. From the front porch rocking chair, I was taught by my father, grandfathers, uncles, and men who worked together to provide for their families. Godly wisdom was available to be imparted to all who would listen and draw from the experiences of these men.

In this fatherless generation, many have been robbed of having a godly father, grandfather, or men to impart into their lives. This can cause men to be afraid, to stand back and be insecure, and it is often a root of being willing to live in poverty. God is ready and able to erase that fear and to impart a hunger for a front porch experience. The Lord will restore hope and fill every void. Everything the enemy has stolen is coming back!

But as for you, O man of God... Pursue righteousness,
godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.
1 Timothy 6:11

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