Nehemiah Leadership: Word Conference Edition

Nehemiah Leadership: Word Conference Edition

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Many years ago, the Lord instructed Pastor Jeff to “make Nehemiah your friend.”  The book of Nehemiah provides us with the profile of a dynamic and practical leader. Through Nehemiah’s well thought out and Spirit led methods, he motivated God’s people to awaken from their complacency and despair, and to rise up and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, long before broken down and in ruin. 

Pastor Jeff draws practical principles from the Word and highlights Nehemiah’s leadership strengths. Then, through practical examples, demonstrates their effectiveness for us as leaders today. How do we motivate people to see beyond their current circumstances? How do we identify with the people we lead? How do we delegate a huge task to make it manageable for all? Pastor Jeff answers these and many more questions in this series of teachings.

Taught by Pastor Jeff Johns

6 CD set

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