Overcoming Mammon and the Spirit of Poverty - by Pastor Bobby Kirkley

Overcoming Mammon and the Spirit of Poverty

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Is it truly possible to free yourself from the cycle of poverty, of never having enough? Pas- tor Bobby’s approach to this subject will chal- lenge your thinking and help you re-adjust your words and actions. The result? Freedom from enslavement to the spirit of poverty and the liberty to walk in God’s abundance!

  • CD1 Overcoming the Spirit of Mammon
  • CD2 Murmuring and Complaining Part 1
  • CD3 Murmuring and Complaining Part 2
  • CD4 The Stewardship Factor
  • CD5 Don’t Be Like Esau
  • CD6 It is God That Gave Us Work

Taught by Pastor Bobby Kirkley

6 CD set

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