Pastoring & Knowing Yourself as a Sheep

Pastoring & Knowing Yourself as a Sheep

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Everyone in the body of Christ needs a shepherd's heart... specifically, the heart of the Great Shepherd, Jesus. God is giving that heart to His people. This series of messages builds upon the foundation of Jesus, who is called the Good Shepherd, the Bishop Shepherd, the Great Shepherd and the Chief Shepherd. These names ascribed to Jesus in the scriptures portray four essential elements for the well being of the sheep: Redemption, Restoration, Resurrection Power and Reward. Pastor Jeff explores these elements and how healing comes to us as we recognize that "all we like sheep" are in great need of a Shepherd. In recognizing that need, just as David did, we can open our hearts to allow Jesus to train us by example to become a source of life for others. He came to gather the lost sheep of Israel. Let us follow his lead!

Taught by Pastor Jeff Johns

6 CD set

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