Prophetic Gathering 2016: Acceleration

Prophetic Gathering 2016: Acceleration

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Revival has come and the harvest is plenteous. The Lord of the Harvest, Jesus, through His abundant grace, is quickening us to arise to the task at hand — praying for laborers in  the fields and gathering the harvest. Demonstrating His heart that none should perish, God has equipped the Church for His acceleration. There is work to be done and we are His workers! He would not have us to be caught off guard. He is adding to the Church daily, swiftly, and steadily.

God is moving NOW — so must we!

I believe the heavens are being opened, and this season will forever change the spirit realm. Please, prayerfully consider joining us in November for three days as, together, we press into the heart of God. His heart must be our heart; His testimony, our testimony. It is the season for Signs, Wonders, MIRACLES and SOULS!

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