The Power of the Tongue - by Pastor Jeff Johns

The Power of the Tongue

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Our Words are Important and Powerful. If we do not allow the Holy Spirit to quicken us, we will often be quickened by a thought, which then becomes words that are ungodly and hurtful to others. This teaching helps us understand how to yield to the Holy Spirit to allow grace words to flow.

Our Words Reveal Our Heart. Wrong words cause trouble! Out of the abundance of the hear the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34).Our words help us identify where we are in our hearts. This teaching is encouragement to help us receive the healing we need from the Lord - for our hearts and our tongues.

Poisonous Speech: Six Things Related To Our Words That Infect Our Lives. Our words have significant influence over our lives. There is power in our words that affect our destiny. This teaching is a wake-up call.

Taught by Pastor Jeff Johns

4 CD set

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