Women & the Call - by Pastor Jeff Johns

Women and the Call

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There are many questions about women and ministry. Some churches have even divided over the issue. In this series of teachings, Pastor Jeff searches the scriptures to address many of these questions, such as:

  • Can a woman actually be called to five-fold ministry?
  • Is it biblical for a woman to serve as a pastor or an apostle?
  • What does the Bible actually say about women and ministry?
  • Should a woman only be allowed to minister to women?
  • What about the words of Paul regarding women in the church?
  • Are there examples in scripture of women in ministry?

Misconceptions and mistreatment of women in, and sometimes by the church, have left many women hurt, confused, discouraged, and even ashamed to acknowledge God’s call on their lives. Good news: there is healing for that! Allow the Word of God, as examined in these teachings, to wash over you and set you free. Women’s liberation as God meant it to be!  

Taught by Pastor Jeff Johns

12 CD set

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